TEAMride Moves

Commit to 31 days with the TEAM!

This January we’re getting moving in all new ways. From January 1-31, challenge yourself to 31 straight days of movement with TEAMride… including our brand new offerings in TEAMride+

Join with the TEAM in-studio or at-home with the support of our amazing TEAMride community. 

4 Ways to Participate

  1. In-Studio Riding and TEAMride+ Package
    • Ride a minimum of 15 times in-studio and add on a $30 TEAMride+ package for at-home body-based workouts, stretches, meditation, ab work and more for off-bike cross training!
  2. At-Home Streaming Exclusively
    • Ride a minimum of 15 TEAMride At-Home spin classes and fill in the rest of the days with TEAMride+ classes for a total of 31 days
  3. At-Home TEAMride+ Package Exclusively
    • Don’t have a bike and aren’t returning to the studio yet? No problem! Purchase TEAMride+ for January and do all off-bike, beat-driven classes to participate in our challenge!
  4. In-Studio Riding Exclusively
    • Ride 31 times in-studio this January (WILD but possible)

Challenge Guidelines

  1. Dates: Saturday, January 1 – Monday, January 31
  2. Requirements: 31 days of movement via in-studio or at-home riding and/or TEAMride+.
    • 15 ride minimum for in-studio and at-home subscribers. Fill in the gaps with TEAMride+ for 31 days.
    • No bike? Build your own challenge with TEAMride+. Only requirement is that it’s 31 days with the TEAM.
  3. Goal: Find movement in everyday. TEAMride+ offers classes that range from 10 minute abs to 1 hour yoga and everything in-between
  4. Track Your Progress: InstaStory Template coming soon OR print out the provided PDF below and check your movement off daily to hold yourself accountable! TEAMride Moves 2022
  5. Share Your Progress (optional): We’ll provide an InstaStory template for you to share your progress with our community. Please remember to tag @teamridestudios so we can cheer you on!
  6. Support (optional): Access to our WhatsApp group for daily affirmations and good vibes!
  7. Gift: 22% (for 2022!) off your next class package or our TEAMride streaming services for successfully completing the challenge

How to Join

  1. TEAMride+: Get access to our off-bike classes. Full library dropping December 30 for $30: Buy Now
  2. Officially Register for the Challenge here:

Join the Challenge!


  1. I’ve never worked out from home before. Will I be able to do this? Yes! Our TEAMride+ classes don’t require fancy equipment and range from ab classes to meditation to full body workouts. Find a TEAMride+ class you love? Do it again and again! No rules here.
  2. How long are TEAMride+ classes? They vary in length but the bulk of classes are 20-30 minutes! Each class shows the length of the class, so you’ll know exactly what kind of time commitment you’re in for!
  3. Only 15 TR Classes? I ride more than that regularly! Cool! Keep on keeping on! We are not here to dampen your flow. You are welcome to ride as much as you want during the challenge.
  4. Who is holding me accountable to this challenge? First and foremost. You are. If you know you’re going to need more support. WE GET IT! So do we! We’re creating a WhatsApp group so we can share our struggles and celebrate our wins! If that sound like something you’re into, get on it. Download WhatsApp on your phone and let’s get chatting!
  5. What do I need to do to prove that I’ve completed the challenge?
    • Step 1: Join the challenge by filling out the form above. If you don’t join, you cannot complete the challenge. Make sure the email address you provide is the one tied to your TEAMride account or tied to your streaming account!
    • Step 2: Purchase TEAMride+ (if necessary for the challenge you’re completing).
    • Step 3: At the end of the month, we will check everyone’s accounts against our TEAMride+ streamers and you will receive your discount if you completed 15 rides in that time!
  6. I live out of state and don’t have a spin bike, can I participate in the TEAMride+ portion of this challenge? Of course! We are happy to have any and all people join this portion. You’ll just need to pay for the online access then you will be eligible for the discount at the end of the month.  You’ll also get access to all the same support and camaraderie!

Still Need Convincing?

Checkout a sampling of TEAMride+ classes for FREE here!

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