TEAMride Challenge

We’re Changing It Up This Year!

Traditionally, January at TEAMride has marked the month-long TEAMride Moves challenge, where we come together as a community and focus on daily movement & sweat for the entire month. For years, we have enjoyed the challenge & camaraderie of pushing ourselves to a physical limit through movement. And while the value of movement is still undeniable, this year we’re honoring the impact of stillness as a way to support how we move. The benefits of meditation are significant, and now more than ever there is a need to support our community in stress management. So this January, we introduce TEAMride Challenge: Meditation & Movement.

Something that’s definitely staying the same is our emphasis on collaboration within the Sacramento fitness community. In years prior, we’ve done group sweat dates at local fitness studios so this year we’ve invited well-known yoga instructors to join our meditation offering. In addition to our yoga-certified TEAMride Instructors (Dakotah, Chris, Fran & Ashley) we’re proud to welcome Corri Chadwick, Taylor Rynicki & Zach Stahlecker (See Bios below!) to facilitate your daily meditation practice.

Challenge Guidelines

  1. Dates: Friday, January 1 – Sunday, January 31
  2. Requirements: 31 days of meditation via our online portal + 15 sweat dates at TEAMride (or virtually via TEAMride At-Home)
  3. Goal: Honor the impact of stillness as a way to support how we move. Daily meditation and 15 days of TEAMride classes. Double days only count toward 1 day
  4. Social Media (optional): This is optional but can be part of the fun and help you feel more accountable to the challenge. We’ll provide an InstaStory template for you to share your progress. Please remember to tag @teamridestudios so we can share and cheer you on
  5. Support (optional): Access to our WhatsApp group for daily affirmations and good vibes, a weekly email exclusive to this group, a weekly TEAMride class designated to our challenge group to facilitate additional camaraderie & a final celebratory ride at the end of the month!
  6. Gift: 21% (for 2021!) off your next package for successfully completing the challenge.


  1. I’ve never meditated before. Will I be able to do this? The great thing about meditation, is that there is no right way to do it. We are providing several different styles, several different facilitators and several different lengths of meditations to provide variety for everyone. Find a meditation you love? Do it again and again! No rules here.
  2. How long will each meditation be? We will have varying lengths! As short as 3 minutes. As long as 15 minutes! You can sit with (pun intended) whichever length feels right for you any given day!
  3. Only 15 TR Classes? I ride more than that regularly! Cool! Keep on keeping on! We are not here to dampen your flow. You are welcome to ride as much as you want during the challenge.
  4. Who is holding me accountable to this challenge? First and foremost. You are. If you know you’re going to need more support. WE GET IT! So do we! We’re creating a WhatsApp group so we can share our struggles and celebrate our wins! If that sound like something you’re into, get on it. Download WhatsApp on your phone and let’s get chatting!
  5. What do I need to do to prove that I’ve completed the challenge? Step 1: Join the challenge below. If you don’t join, you cannot complete the challenge. Make sure the email address you provide is one you actually use! Email will come your way weekly to keep you in it and on it! Step 2: Purchase the Meditation Portal. Step 3: At the end of the month, we will check everyone’s accounts against our Meditation Group and you will receive your discount if you completed 15 rides in that time!
  6. I live out of state and don’t have a spin bike, can I participate in the meditation portion of this challenge? Of course! We are happy to have any and all people join this portion. You’ll just need to pay for the online access and you won’t be eligible for the discount at the end.  But you’ll get access to all the same support and camaraderie!

How to Join

  1. Meditation Portal: Get access to our Meditation portal for the entire month for $30: Buy Now
  2. Officially Register for the Challenge here:

Join the Challenge!

Still Need Convincing?

Everyone will gain FREE access to our Meditation portal from Friday, December 25 – Thursday, December 31 to test it out!

Guest Bios

Corri Chadwick

Corri Chadwick is a social justice advocate committed to raising consciousness around ways that one’s own power + privilege can be used for good. She works as a mental health therapist in the education system and is dedicated to empowering youth through self-awareness. Corri has taught vinyasa yoga within the Sacramento community for over a decade. She believes in the power of recognizing and healing our own trauma, so that we may be of maximum service to others.

You can find her on Instagram at: @littlenectar and her blog at:

Taylor Rynicki

Hello, my name is Taylor Rynicki and I’m a Sacramento based yoga teacher and DONA certified Birth Doula. Yoga led me to self-love and appreciation, which was the catalyst to healing years of personal trauma. I started teaching with the idea that I wanted to host spaces where people could be vulnerable, powerful and find strength within themselves.

I took my very first Teacher training in 2011 and it catapulted me into a life I never I knew I needed. Yoga has created an opportunity for me to work through trauma, process difficult times in my life, and discover self-love and acceptance through the movement and exploration of myself. I strive to create brave spaces of inclusion and classes where people can do the same: explore their personal strength and love through movement.

I find myself continually humbled by the opportunity to teach among an enriched
community of people, with their own ability to inspire. My wish for anyone that practices with me is that they feel comfortable in their body, they feel empowered, strong, and ultimately, they feel loved.

I am in this work because I believe wholeheartedly that self-discovery through movement is vital to every humxn and liberation is possible. We have to start small, here with ourselves, on our mats.

I am committed to this work today and every day.

Zach Stahlecker

Zach Stahlecker is a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher. He owns, and practices at Sacramento Massage Studio, a space that boasts therapeutic bodywork in a warm & healing environment.

Zach is also the co-founder of Yoga Moves Us, a nonprofit dedicated to building healthier, stronger communities by sharing yoga that is available for all.

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