Protecting the TEAM


When booking your bike please note that our website does not match the actual Rooftop Map. This is the actual rooftop map as reference (click to enlarge):


New riders: Please arrive at least 15 minutes early and head to the TEAMride Midtown Studio on N Street (between 27th & 28th). We will need you to sign a waiver and then we will direct you to the rooftop for check-in and bike setup! Have questions? Email us here or call our studio at 916-321-9215

If you NEED the Restroom, Water, Towel or Shoes: Head to the TEAMride Midtown Studio. Everything will be available to you should you need it.

If you have Water, Towel & Shoes: Head straight up to the rooftop for temperature check, sanitizer and check-in. Access the rooftop from the alley entrance to the Sutter Community Parking Garage on 27th. Stairs or elevator (2 people/ride) are available to you. Please wear your mask and maintain social distance while getting to Floor 8!
Masks Required for Employees + Riders: Our studio crew and instructors will have a mask on during check-in and when interacting with riders. Our riders will be required to wear a mask when checking in and walking to and from your bike. Instructors + Riders have the option of removing their mask while riding.


Temperature Checks: Both employees and riders will have their temperatures checked before riding on the rooftop.Health Declarations: All riders must verbally declare “No” to our health declaration sheet that will be presented to riders before entering the studio. We will initial the declaration for you.

Common Area Limited: All riders will bring their items to their bikes and put on their spin shoes at their bike. No loitering in the tent. Bathrooms are for necessity at the studio. No showers provided.

High Touch Amenities: All amenities are currently out of sight. If you need a particular item, the front desk will have ear plugs, hair ties, bobby pins, feminine hygiene products, extended handlebars and shoes behind the front desk… just ask!


Social Distancing: All bikes are spaced 6ft apart under the tent. Please do not loiter before and after class and please maintain your distance from your fellow riders.

Bikes + Shoes Disinfected Before & After every class: Even when not in use, all bikes are disinfected after every class. Shoe rentals will be offered and thoroughly sanitized after use. Shoes will be rotated so as not to be used class after class.

Weights + Towels: Weights will NOT be used during these rooftop rides and sweat towels will not be provided. Please bring your own towel. Towels will be available at the TEAMride Midtown lobby for purchase.


Please know that we will monitor the COVID-19 situation very closely. During this time we would appreciate all riders to refrain from hugging and high-fiving one another while attending rooftop rides. Let’s bring the “hups” and avoid the hugs to ensure the safety of everyone in the TEAMride community!

Thank you all so much for your understanding!

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