March Madness


IT’S BACK!! From March 1-16 and March 22-March 31, challenge yourself to play along with us in studio and win 15% off your next package or be 1 of 6 lucky riders to win extra big! 3 riders will get 20% off their next package, 2 riders will get 1 month of free Unlimited & 1 rider will get 3 months of unlimited!


  1. Bracket 1: Wed, March 1 – Wed, March 8
    • Ride all the instructors in Bracket 1: Angela, Brian, Dakotah, Francesca, Juliann, Kennedy & Rachel J
  2. Bracket 2: Thur, March 9 – Thur, March 16
    • Ride all the instructors in Bracket 2: Alex, M&E, Natasha, Rachel S, Sadye, Sarah & Stef

Completion of Bracket play qualifies you for the Elite 8.


  1. Wednesday, March 22 – Friday, March 31
    • Ride 8 classes in 10 days with the Instructors/Classes of your choosing


  1. Dates: Wednesday, March 1 – Friday, March 31 with a “bye week” from Friday, March 17 – Tuesday, March 21.
  2. How to get going:
    • Purchase the March Madness Sweet 16 Unlimited package: here
      • If you currently have an active Unlimited Package, we will extend your expiration by 16 days
    • Pick up a Challenge Card starting Monday, February 27 – you will need to get this stamped off by an employee every time you come ride
    • Once you qualify for the Elite 8, another *optional* discounted package will become available to you for completion of the challenge!
  3. Goal: Ride every Instructor in Bracket 1, followed by every Instructor in Bracket 2 to qualify for the Elite 8. Once you’re in the Elite 8, ride 8 classes in 10 days (from Mar 22 – Mar 31) to complete your challenge!
  4. Get Organized: Pick up a Challenge card in-studio and get organized for Bracket Play! See PDF version now so you can prepare: March Madness Tracker 2023
  5. Let us know how far you’ve come: Once Bracket Play is over, let us know that you’ve qualified for Elite 8 so we can confirm it on our end & get you access to the discounted package for Elite 8 completion!
  6. Gift at the end: Everyone who completes Elite 8, and isn’t a grand prize winner, will receive 15% off their next package (added to your account by Tuesday, April 4), and 5 Grand Prize Winners will be announced Monday, April 3!
    • 6 Grand Prize Winners
      • 3 TEAMriders will win an additional 5% off their discount
      • 2 TEAMriders will win 1 month of Unlimited
      • 1 TEAMrider will win 3 months of Unlimited
    • Discounts must be redeemed by April 30


  1. March Madness Unlimited: Sweet 16 Bracket Play: Purchase your discounted March Madness Sweet 16 Unlimited Package HERE
  2. Pick up a Challenge card in-studio: Available starting Monday, February 27 or print one out today to start planning – March Madness Tracker 2023 (you will need to turn this in at the end of the challenge)


  1. Do I have to purchase the March Madness Sweet 16 Unlimited package to join the challenge? Yes! That is your entry into bracket play. All credits currently in your account will remain there for the duration of this challenge and current Unlimited riders will get 16 days tacked on to their current package. 16 days at this price is an AWESOME deal!
  2. Does my student discount apply to this package? Yes! You will still be able to use your discount! Just email if you don’t see your student discount activated on this package!
  3. I can’t ride every instructor the way it’s laid out due to my schedule, can I just scramble the brackets and make sure to hit everyone? No… we totally get that life is busy and this challenge won’t work for everyone. Have no fear – we will offer more challenges in the future!
  4. Can I do doubles to hit 2 instructors in one day? Yes you can, BUT, you will incur an unlimited double fee of $10.
  5. I’m already an unlimited rider/I already have credits in my account, can i just use my current package? No. We are so happy you are a current rider… thank you! The great thing about this package is that it is 16 days at a lower price point than normal. We will be sure to extend any current Unlimited Packages by 16 days! It’s a win-win!
  6. I’m on the couples unlimited package, how do we play? Yay! We love our couples unlimited! If only one of you wants to play, purchase the package once and let us know who is playing via email. If you both want to play, purchase the sweet 16 2x and we will get the hint!
  7. What do I need to do to prove that I’ve completed the challenge?
    • Step 1: Make sure you purchased the March Madness Sweet 16 Unlimited Package
    • Step 2: Let us know you completed Bracket Play so we can cross check and get you access to another discounted package for Elite 8 completion! 
    • Step 3: At the end of Elite 8, turn in your completed challenge card by Sunday, April 2!


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